Blue Chip has been consulting on Mfg/PRO since 1992, We provide a complete range of professional services on MFGPRO eB. Over the years we have served customers across various industries like Automoblies, auto components, Foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical equipments and many more. Currently we support 43 customers in 10 countries, from version 7.2 to the latest eB 3

We have successfully executed a number projects on implementation, migrations, customization and support. Below are a mention of a few challenging assignments

  • Custom Code migration of 430 programs for a Large US based Automobile Seating manufacturer
  • Mobile portability and real time interface to MfgPRO Service& support module for a Medical equipment manufacturer, US being the pilot implementation and roll-out in Europe.
  • Migration from legacy ERP to MfgPRO migration with historical transaction data; Project was awarded to Blue Chip a Top US based consulting company failed.
  • Migration from MfgPRO to SAP R3

eB is the flagship product from QAD, It presents a comprehensive and versatile solution for Mid to large manufacturing enterprises. Yet it is easy to use as well as maintain.

Over the years our clients have trusted us with complex and path breaking projects. We have been successful in delivering to their expectations and continue to serve them year after year. Our customer case studies will provide insights into these experiences.


Vanilla (new) implementation, Multi-site rollouts, Multi country on a share services model.


Migrate from older versions to the latest, from other ERP software to eB2.1 OR from eB to a different ERP.

Custom Code

Customized core programs, built add-on modules integrated to eB 2.1, built web based extension to eB 2.1..

Q Link

Bluechip has expertise on Q/LinkQ and has executed many projects.One such project is interaction between Mfgpro and Sales Order Mangement system in Oracle using Q/LinkQ.The Q/LinkQ interfaces being used were Sales/RMA interface,Sales acknowledgement and shipment Interface.

Single Site Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

Typically these would be Single site operations such one factory and Administrative operations. Generally a green field implementation where there would be a number of disparate systems or the company is setting up a new Business unit.

Multi Site Distributed Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

The customer business would have a couple of Manufacturing Units, Central administrative office, distribution and sales office located at various location.

Multi Site Shared Services Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

The company setup would be similar, but certain critical functions such as Purchasing, Planning, Payroll, finance etc. Would be done centrally. In this type of implementation it is paramount that the communication infrastructure is highly dependable and scalable. Various site users would log on to a central server and Single database.

Core program modification on Mfg/Pro eB2.1 .Net

Certain times some of the customer needs customisation on core Mfg/Pro programs simple examples of these would be PO print, invoice formats etc. Basically reports and functional enhancements on Mfg/Pro eB2.

Customized Module developments on Mfg/Pro eB2.1 .Net

Functions like Local tax system, local financial systems, Quality management solutions or Business process that are specific to the client's environment, have to build around Mfg/Pro, these modules could be tightly or loosely coupled with Mfg/Pro.

Maintenance of Mfg/Pro

A maintenance team would be set aside to undertake up certain changes, which come up in due course of operations. They would act as a support function to our customers existing IT setup.

Helpdesk Management

For Large deployments of Mfg/Pro, we support our customers with 24/7 Helpdesk facilities. This team would take up various issues from Operations to system bugs.

Migration Services

Migration of Prior version of Mfg/Pro to the latest eB2 version. QAD releases new versions of their Flagship product Mfg/Pro eB2. To take advantage of the new features and functionalities, customers would need to move ahead to the latest offering. Typical migration will require data and custom code to be moved to the new version of Mfg/pro, there could be certain complexities like design change in the base schema, enhanced functionalities, deployment of new technologies etc. Migration projects need to be executed under the guidance of professional.

Blue Chip has been in operation since 1989 and has an excellent track record for Customized Software development & deployment with many leading companies in USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

Blue Chip has developed customized solutions and provided software support to many customers over the past 18 Years. For most customers Blue Chip has been the registered vendor of choice for providing IT services over many years. We have been working with Clients on several projects at a time and in some cases executed over 50+ project assignments.

Following is the brief of the major projects as an Add-On module developed by Blue Chip in Mfg/Pro and Progress applications.

A3 Smart Client Application

A3 Smart Client Application/mobile solution provides remote field technicians’ accessibility to MFG/PRO ERP (Service and Support Module) through handheld devices such as PDA. CI is an application which acts as a middle ware for the local safe storage of messages between MFG/PRO and Antenna wireless system.

FCA (Factory Cost Analyzer)

FCA is a customized progress webspeed application with a web interface fully integrated with Mfg/Pro ERP. Using this solution, the production cost of intermediate/finished goods is arrived based on the data extracted from the Inventory, Distribution and Financial modules. Various key outputs are production cost sheet, technical efficiency report, target vs. actual drill-down analysis and user-defined multi dimensional query. This application is directly integrated with the Mfg/Pro financials to pass brand wise consumption journal entry and provides timely information that helps the business to arrive at the accurate cost and the profit calculation.

Central FCA (Central Factory Cost Analyzer)

Central FCA is a managerial MIS system developed using Progress webspeed that provides the cost and quantity analysis reports. It gives period wise cost of production of the FG materials for all the factories and further down, till the consumption level of the same. Actual rate and quantities are compared with the target rate and quantities both at factory and profit center levels. Data can be extracted at factory, brand, category, period and item wise which help the managers to arrive at the cost differences of the components.

Trackwise Quality Management System

Trackwise Quality Management System (QMS) is a fully-integrated and highly configurable tracking system used for managing GxP compliance issues such as deviations, commitments, investigations, change control, Sarbanes Oxley, customer complaints, audit observations & CAPA.

MRP portal

MRP Portal is an Intranet application developed using Progress Webspeed. It is directly integrated to Mfg/Pro. MRP Portal provides online information to all the users regarding MRP in the form of enquiries and reports with utility to export the data.

Engineering Stores System

Engineering Stores System has been developed to track all Engineering consumables across all the factories as a customized module in Mfg/Pro. The Engineering Stores System module is integrated with other modules in Mfg/Pro like Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

Fixed Assets System (FAS)

FAS module in Mfg/Pro has been customized to capture all the transactions related to fixed assets like Asset commissioning, Depreciation, Asset Transfers and Asset Retirements etc. according to the business requirements.

EJV (Electronic Journal Voucher)

Blue Chip has successfully developed and implemented, the Electronic Journal Voucher (eJV), an add-on module to MFG/PRO ERP system. EJV customized solution has been designed to support the Journal Voucher entry in Mfg/Pro through a Web based front-end using Progress Webspeed application. In the eJV system, the journal voucher information shall be entered in the web interface and the data shall be verified by the project lead. After verification, the data shall be uploaded in to the MFG/PRO system through a CIM process. Journal Voucher entries shall be listed through various reports.

ACM (Access Control Module)

The Access Control Module (ACM) is a web based application designed to manage issues related to user accessibility to the MFG/PRO application. The application has the functionality to model the workflow of requests related to user profile creation, deletion, designation changes, access changes (here access refers to the groups that have been assigned to the user), entity changes & group maintenance. The ACM has a web interface that has been developed using Progress WebSpeed with Progress Database as back-end and works on both UNIX and Windows platforms.